Date disaster. Boiled eggs and muscles.

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I arrived early and really hungry to my favorite surf n’ turf restaurant in London. By the time this really ripped guy shows up, I’ve already studied the menu and know exactly what I want. Anyway, turns out, he’s one of those body builders (yeah, the kind with the g-string and orange tan- I asked). Apparently, this means that he can’t eat anything on the menu, which was ‘fine’ since he brought his own boiled eggs in a freezer bag ‘just in case’. No joke. I was too embarrassed to order the wing platter so I settled for a salad (lame). The conversation was as flat as the tap water he chugged with his eggs.

If your life depended on it, which one of these GoT Super villains would you match with?

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Name: Cersei Lannister

Likes: Family (some of them), gold, blood and power

Dislikes: Organised Religion, Dragons, Tyrion Lannister

Ideal Date: A royal feast at my place, where I would decide what you eat and drink and you barter a proposal against killing someone I hate. If you happen to offend me I’ll have you poisoned, strangled or crushed by my personal bodyguard. He’s single by the way.

Favorite pick-up line: ‘ anyone ever told you that you look an awful lot like my brother Jaime…’



Name: Septa Unella

Likes: The High Sparrow, Public Shamings, .a bit of ‘rough and tumble’ ;-)..

Dislikes: The monarchy (staunch republican), bling-bling, sinning

Ideal date: Role-play- I tie you up and read to you until you confess your sins and beg for mercy. The safe word is ‘shame’. No drinking or actual sex. I’m very devout.

Favorite pick-up line: ‘How about we take a walk of atonement together? I’ll bring my cow-bell’


Name: Gregor ‘the mountain’ Clegane

Likes: Crushing things, cutting horses in half, travelling (to villages I can raid)

Dislikes: Oberyn Martell, wearing heavy metal armor on a hot day, peas

Ideal date: I pick you up on my horse, we ride away under a starry night and cosy up by the fire. The fire of the village I just burnt down.

Favorite pick up line: ‘Look at these guns, though’.


Name: The Night King

Likes: Christmas, ice skating, cross-country skiing

Dislikes: humidity, dragon glass, beach-holidays

Ideal Date: I’ll take you to my cabin way up in the Northern wilderness where we’ll take long angry walks in the snow and make love on the frozen lake. People who can’t handle a little ice shouldn’t apply.

Favorite pick-up line: Winter’s coming, baby.

Date disaster. Getting way, way, wayyyyy too drunk.


Dating is exhausting. No doubt about it. We asked our friends to share some of their most memorable dating disasters with us, for a collective Monday giggle.

My friend´s girlfriend had this gorgeous friend that I was stalking on Instagram for weeks. When we matched on Tinder, it was like the stars had aligned.

I was so nervous before the first date that I arranged some pre drinks with my bestie before meeting her at a bar, on a Wednesday night no-less. Turns out four glasses of wine before the bar is probably too many. It calmed my nerves for sure. Just a little too much. I was loud and clumsy, spilling her drink over the table and spitting on her hand when I laughed (at my own jokes). Then there was a conversation about Trump which ended with me rhyming a bunch of words I knew. Note to self- ‘lump’, ‘rump’ and ‘dump’ are not sexy things to bring up on dates. So it was pretty awkward already but then I started to get these weird waves of pain in my stomach. I excused myself and stumbled to the bathroom. After some more ‘lumps’ and ‘dumps’ in the toilet bowel I came back to the table sweaty and trembling. She was already wearing her jacket with her handbag in her lap. She asked me if I was ok and I gave one last ditch attempt to save the evening by saying ‘better out than in!’ There was no second date. I still stalk her on Instagram.

Chronic single man, 27, Oslo



Our mission when we started Lokalii was to make every journey magical. To make sure that every user could always find an unique experience at any given time, everywhere. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. And we get extra proud when Nordic Startup Award has nominated us as the best bootstrap Startup in Norway.

For us this is magical. And it would mean the world to us if you could vote us into the Nordic finals. Vote for us here.


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Hello again

We have been working and touching and tweaking on our iOS and Android apps for some time now and there is one thing that a lot of you have given feedback on. You want to get your friends to tag along for the experience.

So thats why we built a better sharing functionality for our apps. You can now share any experience you want, directly from the app using any of your preferred communication media. You want to send an SMS? Got it. Facebook? Got it. Messenger? Yupp. E-mail? Do it! Slack? That as well. Whatever you have installed on your phone basically.

So remember that sharing is caring and don’t hesitate to tell your friends about the awesome experience you want to book!




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Yaay! A shiny new version of the iPhone app is out

We have something new and shiny we want to show you. Can you guess what it is? oh.. we wrote it in the headline.. well, its a brand new version of the iPhone app!!

We have made some changes under the hood that will make everything run more smoothly and from what you can actually see and feel, we think you will enjoy this this features:

  • New and updated design for the browsing view (the first thing you see when you open the app) and the experience view
  • Categories on the top of the browsing view so instantly can filter the experiences by your interest. The categories are: Outdoor, Urban, Culture, Under the radar, Food and Nightlife.
  • The experience view is now re-arranged so that you have the gallery on top and can start scrolling through action pictures right from the start.

If you don’t got it, go get it in the AppStore or update the app on your phone right now!

More stuff are constantly in the making so stay put for more updates!

As always we love to get your feedback so don’t hesitate to send us an email at or comment below.

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